September 23, 2018

19 th Century 's Great and Devout Donor For Haridwar Pilgrims .

Lest We Forget

When I was young , I remember reading an old inscription ( near enclosed Zenana Ghats at Har ki Pauri , Haridwar.

The inscription was about when in 19 th century authorities imposed a Pilgrim tax of One Anna on all pilgrims visiting the Holy city of Haridwar.

This greatly upset a devout wealthy Hindu business man of that time. He vowed to undertake the responsibility on himself of paying the Pilgrim tax of all pilgrims and for all times to come .
So , he paid a sum of Rs. One Lakh ( a princely sum then ) in return for a promise that never again would any tax be imposed on the Pilgrims visiting Haridwar.
It seems the ever voracious tax collecting authorities ( not  sparing even pilgrims and the solemn promise given to the great Donor ) deliberately first, shifted the inscription plate to a secluded place away from public gaze and then may have removed it altogether .

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