August 22, 2020

Why Pakistan is obsessed by Kashmir

Pakistan is obsessed with Kashmir because of Chinese pressure. Pakistan is a proxy of China in Kashmir and Ladakh. All Pakistan based terrorist activities are re financed by China. Terrorists like Hafiz Saeed are protected , internationally , by China 
  Article 370 gave India only a limited say in the affairs of Jammu and Kashmir , including Ladakh , which suited both China and Pakistan .China was always a player in the so called Kashmir dispute overtly only between India and Pakistan. China wanted Ladakh to link up with Pakistan and Shaksgam valley .

  State Govt of Jammu and Kashmir , including Ladakh , was sympathetic to Pakistan ‘s and ultimately to China ‘s interests , especially , in Ladakh. Example Late Sheikh Abdullah refused to allow His Holiness The Dalai Lama and his followers settle in Ladakh when they took refuge in India . Ladakh was most suitable for Tibetans both from climate and cultural points of views. 

  India ‘s direct control over both Kashmir and Ladakh has put an end to the China - Pakistani collusion .

  Present standoff in Ladakh is a joint China- Pakistan conspiracy. Now ,China fears losing Tibet and Aksai Chin and Pakistan losing Gilgit and Baltistan

.Islamic nations , now , understand real motives of Pakistan vis a vis Kashmir and why Pakistan is totally silent at genocide by China of Uyghur musllims in Xinjiang .

 Pakistan's Double Standards and Pakistan acting as Proxy of China in Kashmir stand exposed to the world and , especially , Islamic countries

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