December 03, 2020

MDH 's Dharmpal Gulati Passes Away

Great career . Started as a Tonga driver and then established Mahashian Di Hatti - i.e. MDH while in present day Pakistan.Later relocated to Ajmal Khan Road , Karol Bagh , New Delhi. When my Mamaji Ambassador Dewan Brij Kumar IFS was in service and I was studying in St. Stephen's College in 1970 s I visited with my Mamiji Smt Pushpa ji Mahashshian Di Hatti to place orders for Masalas to be sent to their Indian Mission abroad .


A life , truly , well lived .Gulati ji gave so many scholarships to deserving students . 


Dhirubhai Ambani founder of Reliance , also , started his business career with Masalas-----Ambani began a business trading in spices in the late 1950s, calling his nascent venture Reliance Commercial Corporation.  Source


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