April 24, 2021

" Horse Power" in Jalandhar Consigned To History

We do see an occasional Horse Cart plying in Jalandhar or Decorated Horses for bridegrooms " Ghori" in marriage celebrations .
But horses in Jalandhar, as is the case elsewhere, have over a period of time, lost their power in Jalandhar.
Till a few years ago, Tongas used to regularly ply from Adda Bastian ( near the shrine of Imam Nassir and Jail premises) through Basti Nau and Basti Gujan upto Basti Danishmandan. Basti Danishmandan had a spacious Adda ( for Tongas )which has,now, all but vanished.Now, there are many more auto rickshaws than tongas.
In the past many well to do families had their personal tongas and horses. 
In Jalandhar Cantt. which had many active cavalry units up to second world war. Earlier ,the military auctioned retired horses to private buyers. 
Once , before 1947,a retired horse was bought by a tongawala/ horse cartwala. As this tonga/cart was plying in the area of what is now known as Jyoti Chowk,near Rainak Bazar, the horse recognised his previous military handler/ owner passing by. The horse went into a frenzy and upturned the cart. There was a big commotion in the bazaar and some people were hurt. . 
A drastic decision was taken by the military authorities. From then onwards, retired horses went stopped from being sold privately. Instead they were shot dead. A " ghoramaar''did the needful .