May 26, 2021

Big Welcome to Return of Cheetahs to India

A big welcome to the Land which gave them their name 
India is the only country to have both Tigers and Lions ( also leopards , including Snow Leopards 


 India remains indebted to the visionary steps of erstwhile Nawab of Junagarh who , in British times stopped hunting of the majestic Asiatic Lions in the Gir forest ( Gujarat ) . Thanks to Nawab's efforts the lion population in Gir increased from the then about 20 to around 600.

 Name Gir Lion Sanctuary in Gujarat as Nawab Mahabat Khan Lion Sanctuary. 

 The project to relocate some lions to

 Morena district ( Chambal River Valley ) Madhya Pradesh , should be undertaken without any delay .
Lions/ Tigers / Leopards -Memorable Cartoons
We recall two Cartoons which appeared in Newspapers some time back
Around 1972 , Govt. of India changed the National Animal of India from Lion to Tiger.
The infuriated ( Ex ) King of Jungle was shown picking up the Phone and asking for to be put in touch with the Top Indian Lawyer ,Nani Palkhiwala ( for filing a Case )
Once , a leopard , entered the prestigious IMA , Dehradun compound.
The news was widely covered.
A Cartoon showed the Leopard ( in Uniform ) along with other Gentleman Cadets at the Parade with the Officer sternly telling the new Recruit :-

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