May 24, 2021

Great News - Return of Cheetahs to India

A big welcome to the Land which gave them their name
IIndia remains indebted to the visionary steps of erstwhile Nawab of Junagarh who , in British times stopped hunting of the majestic Asiatic Lions in the Gir forest ( Gujarat ) . Thanks to Nawab's efforts the lion population in Gir increased from the then about 20 to around 600.
The project to relocate some lions to Morena district ( Chambal River Valley ) Madhya Pradesh , should be undertaken without any delay .
Lions/ Tigers / Leopards -Memorable Cartoons
We recall two Cartoons which appeared in Newspapers some time back
Around 1972 , Govt. of India changed the National Animal of India from Lion to Tiger.
The infuriated ( Ex ) King of Jungle was shown picking up the Phone and asking for to be put in touch with the Top Indian Lawyer ,Nani Palkhiwala ( for filing a Case )
Once , a leopard , entered the prestigious IMA , Dehradun compound.
The news was widely covered.
A Cartoon showed the Leopard ( in Uniform ) along with other Gentleman Cadets at the Parade with the Officer sternly telling the new Recruit :-


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