May 17, 2021

Maruti Limited - The Original Small Car by Sanjay Gandhi


Sanjay Gandhi 's small car project company at Gurgaon - land given at throwaway price , by the then Haryana CM Bansi Lal , was under the corporate entity - Maruti Limited . 
After Sanjay's death , Indira Gandhi got this bankrupt / non performing company nationalised and invited foreign collaboration / minority equity participation . World 's top manufacturers showed interest including French Citroen and Peugeot . 
Finally Suzuki of Japan won the race . Rest is history.
The new Company formed was Maruti Udyog Limired - Now renamed Maruti Suzuki ltd. .
My family held shares . also , in Sanjay Gandhi 's old Maruti ltd.
 Once ,Sanjay Gandhi's Maruti was showcased in the Haryana Pavillion in an exhibition held at Pragati Maidan Delhi. 
It was said that while driving the car to the pavillion , with in Pragati Maidan , it broke down more than once ,
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Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

During Emergency Sanjay Gandhi was hyper active , also ,in his failed car project under old Maruti Limited .
After Congress lost in 1977 , cartoons appeared depicting a sad Sanjay Gandhi saying , 'Ma Meri Car Gayi'.----- Mother .' Beta teri car gayee - meri toh sarkar gayi ',