May 19, 2021

Tata Motors was Earlier Named TELCO - Tata Engineering and Locomotiv Co. Ltd

Formed in 1945 Tata Motors was originally named TELCO - Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. It used to make steam engines especially for Medium Gauge lines 


TELCO’s Vintage Steam Loco installed at Salem DRM’s office 



. After independence Tata s had the foresight that the future lay instead in trucks .Railway Steam engines were becoming outdated in technology and Govt decided to manufacture engines at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works in West Bengal.

TELCO  discontinued railway engines production and instead make world class trucks . bus chassis with Brand Mercedes makers of Germany  .

Daimler Benz bought around 15 % shares in TELCO. These they later sold at huge profit to start their own subsidiary company in India -Bharat Benz

Bharat Benz


One old saying / jingle of Popular Brands and Folk Parlance ( especially Punjab ) Chhikk Maar ke Challi Gaddi Tata Di
Kadey Na tutey Jutti Bata Di
( Tata Trucks move giving our sneezes- referring to release of extra air from air brakes drum
Bata shoes do not break )


Other folklore sayings of then popular brands  in Punjab

 Good Man Di Laaltain , ( Bad Man Da Diva )

( Buy Goodman Brand Lantern - Don't Use an Earthen Lamp )
Bandaa Honsley Da , Pankha Khosley Da
( Man Should be Courageous - Buy Fan of Khosla Brand )
Paani Pump Da, Cigarette Lump Da
( Drink Water from a Pump - Smoke Red Lamp Cigarette )


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