August 05, 2021

Congrats Indian Hockey Team


My Memories

 Indian hockey's great stalwart and former Captain Kunwar Digvijay Singh Babu was a great hero for us. In 1970 s ,while in school , for our Hindi subject we were prescribed " Bal Bharti " textbooks ( published by NCERT ) . One chapter was an on India hockey written by KD Singh " Babu ". In this extremely patriotic autobiographical essay K.D.Singh wrote about the glorious days of Indian hockey when India was invincible .We , as school students , reading this chapter ,were very emotionally charged and for us KD Singh became a hero . More so because in those early 1970 s years Indian hockey was on a downhill ride with a mediocre show in international fixtures 


 The best part of a hockey match is the conversion of a penalty / short corner in to goal. What split second teamwork co-ordination it requires .I tell people that in life your adversaries / opponents should know that you have acted against them is like the in a hockey match the team defending against a short corner should come to know where the ball is only after the ball has struck the goal board of those defenders. leaving them stupefied ( Fatta Kharak Gaya ) ..Give your opponents no time to react .


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