September 10, 2021

Keep Some Gold Holdings in Physical - Always and at All Times

We prefer to keep Gold in physical form. Physical gold is our ATM . One can take loan / sell it on emergency basis even at mid night . The gold ornaments one wears can see you through , if say , one loses one `s wallet etc in a unknown city etc etc. Lastly , if you have Physical Gold you are not dependent on any Govt. ( like for currency or Land Registration ) or any Demat Office or the Computer Network getting hanged. Gold is your wealth Per Se. It is your Wealth because you hold it Gold ( i.e. Physical Gold )is universal currency Gold is a Wealth in all currencies ( Next is Dollar ) . 
So some part of your Gold holding must be Physical . And some of this Physical Gold you ( or your spouse ) must wear on you ( It is your Most Trustworthy friend in Super Emergency ) .
As the saying goes.
Q .What is the Golden Rule ?
A. He who owns the Gold makes the Rules.