September 14, 2022

Kaun Bana RAHEGA Crorepati

In life it is not important " Kaun Banega Crorepati " but " Kaun Bana RAHEGA Crorepati '

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There is a little story.

In Haridwar on the Ghats , near Har ki Pauri, there was a humble Kulfi Seller.

Once , he bought a lottery ticket with Rs. One Crore as First Prize.

The Kulfi seller would show with pride every one his lottery ticket and request them that since he was illiterate please check the result in the newspapers when the draw is made.

On the results , a crowd rushes to him and informs him the good news of his winning Rs.One Crore.

The Kulfi seller is , predictably, very excited.He picks up his humble Kulfi "Khomcha " a small wooden stall and throws it in the Ganga saying he does not need to sell Kulfis any more.

After a few days people are very surprised to see the Kulfi seller back on the Ganga ghats with an even more humble and makeshift Kulfi stall selling Kulfis.

"What happened ? " asked his friends . 

The Kulfi seller replied," The Lottery ticket was in Khomcha which I threw in the Ganga ."


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