August 18, 2023

Encroachments on River Beds Cause Havoc During Present Day Floods

Because of Global Warming .more evaporation is taking place in the Oceans ( more rain bearing Monsoon clouds ) . All previous Highest Flood Level ( HFL ) calculations can go wrong.
God Forbid - Many nasty surprises in store.
Example : River Beas , Pong Dam built . Flow regulated at 52 Gates also. River bed downstream becomes narrower.
In Punjab , there were many spillways ( left Bank - traces on the Jalandhar - Amritsar GT Road rivulets between Hamira and Beas ), running along the River Beas ,carried the extra water of Beas during floods. These spillway river beds have seen a lot of construction / encroachment
In Himachal Pradseh,rampant construction even on the erstwhile river bed of Beas ( A private University just upstream of Mirthal ) near Indora .
But God forbid , unprecedented rains (Flood gates opened at Pong Dam - 52 Gates .
Do not depend upon the previous HFLs ( Highest Flood Levels )