February 28, 2008

L.P.G. Pilferage Detected at Kukar Pind

Action was taken by the police against a gang of L.P.G. pilferers who were operating from a L.P.G. godown in Kukar Pind, near Jalandhar Cantt. According to D.S.P. ( Rural )-2 , Raj Jit Singh, swift action was taken by the police and the culprits have been booked and the instruments impounded which were being used in taking out a portion of gas from many
cylinders and filling them in to empty ones for their illegal sale.

Else where in the city, officials of the Food and Supply Department along with police raided many well known Hotels and Marriage Palaces to check the diversion of domestic L.P.G. gas ( which is heavily subsidised by the Govt.) for commercial p;urposes

The city is reeling under a heavy shortage of L.P.G. and actions taken by the administration should bring relief to the harried consumers.

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