March 05, 2008

Lok Bhalai Party Provides Succur To Helpless

In India there is at least one political party which is true to its name . It is Lok Bhalai Party. Its President Balwant Singh Ramoowalia has endeared himself to Punjabis by going out of the conventional ways to help those unfortunate people who have been cheated by the unscrupulous and dumped by the Authorities. Ramoowalia has helped Police book many Immigration/ Travel agents and made them return the money they had cheated out from helpless foreign hopefuls. Ramoowalia's name is a terror among such unscrupulous Agents.

Recently, Lok Bhalai Party rescued a young woman from Nashik who had been allegedly duped by an industrialist into a relationship which led to her bearing his two children. The lady was treated like a servant by the family of her so called and pre-married 'husband' who , now , refused to marry her officially. She finally contacted Lok Bhalai Party, which with the help of Phagwara police rescued the unfortunate lady.

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