April 30, 2008

Free Pakistani prisoners for Sarabjit's release

Pakistan Government is perfectly justified in asking for release of Pakistani prisoners held in Indian jails. India should reciprocate magnanimously and release them of the same grounds on which we seek Sarbjit's release.

It is not correct to link release of Pakistani prisoners with repatriation of Dawood Ibrahim . Dawood's case should be set aside for the time being and not allowed to impede the release of other prisoners. With the development of very close relations between India and Pakistan , Dawood case would be handled on its own.

We do not gain any thing by letting prisoners rot in each other ' s jails . Let us establish a permanent mechanism with people like Burney , Asma Jehangir , Kuldeep Nayar , I.K. Gujral , who should look in to the cases of hapless prisoners both in India and Pakistan.

Like we say let us keep the issue of Kashmir on one side , for the time being , and proceed with cultural / economic ties. Similarly, let us not allow extreme views hinder Sarabjit's release.

Pakistan , in general , and Human Rights activist Burney , in particular , has earned our deep gratitude by securing the release of India's Kashmir Singh.

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