May 01, 2008

Good Wishes To India's Working Classes

To-day is May Day and we express our solidarity with the Working classes of India. We wish them prosperity and upward social and economic mobility. We , also , strongly believe that free market policies and Economic reforms would ultimately help the workers also. The crux is that more wealth should be created in the economy. Then it should be shared with all . Like the legendary Narain Murthy of Infosys says", Iam a capitalist on the out side and a socialist at heart ". If India Inc. prospers so would their employees.

The restrictive brakes applied by India's Left has benefitted no body. It has shaved off many percentage points from India's G.D.P. growth. Peers in erstwhile U.S.S.R and main land China have done away with obsolete ideologies. China is enjoying double digit growth.

India is , sadly, LEFT behind China.

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