April 25, 2008

India's Taliban

M.L.As , who during elections go to voters with folded hands asking them to elect them , afterwards , start considering themselves to be our Moral guardians , much like the Taliban leaders of Afghanistan . Now , politicians have decided to put a ban on Cheerleaders in the immensely popular Indian Premier League Cricket matches on ground of morality. Our politicians have the mandate to improve the lot of Indians as public servants and their tendency to dictate on such issues like Cheerleaders is a very dangerous trend. If Indians are entertained and relieved of tensions like price rise ( caused by our bumbling politicians especially the Left )without harming any body then our politicans should stay away from such issues. If they consider Cheerleaders' performance vulgar then so is the brazen manner in which Hooter/ Red Beacon Fleets that cause traffic snarls on Indian roads.

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