April 26, 2008

Caste Based Reservations---Are they Proper ?

We , Non V.I.P. Indians , would have to think beyond the Vote Bank compulsions of our politicians. No Indian is against the upliftment of backward and deprived segments of our society. But the current Reservation policy is the biggest hurdle in the emergence of a casteless society. Even the Architect ot our Constitution , the great Baba Ambedkar had envisaged caste based Reservations only for one generation ( i.e. 25 years )

Instead of making caste based reservations for Educational Institutions and Govt. jobs , let us devise ways and means to provide intensive coaching and extensive scholarships to such segment students so that they are able to make it on their own merit . Such efforts can begin from school levels. Let us ask the Govt. what it is doing with the 2% Educational cess being charged on all direct and indirect Govt. levies ?

Let us not compromise on quality . Let us keep in mind that there are no reservations for Noble Prizes or Olympic Medals.

The creamy layer should on its own forgo Reservation benefits so that others from their community stand a chance of upward moblity. There is absolutely no logic in the creamy layer going on and on in availing such benefits.

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