April 27, 2008

Tibet Issue = Kashmir Issue-- A Communist bogey

India 's Communist leaders have , equated Tibet issue with Kashmir. Nothing could be more misplaced and more agonising for Indians .

In Tibet , China has , especially , during the " Cultural Revolution " destroyed more than 6000 Buddhist Monasteries . In Kashmir , and rightly so , religious places have not been touched . In Tibet , outsiders , especially Han Chinese , are encouraged and also financed to buy land in Tibet and settle there . Kashmiris can buy land in rest of India but not vice-versa . In J & K , there is political freedom and state elections . China in general and particularly with respect to Tibet , is autocratic and intolerant. It is still hidden behind " a bamboo curtain ". There are no Tibetan terrorists and no equivalent of Al - Queda.

Chinese imperialism , expansionism and arrogance has grave implications for India :-

1) China wishes to construct dams on Sutlej and Brahamputra rivers , both of which originate in Tibet. India would be desertified .
2) China has announced that in five years it would extend the Tibet railway line to Nepal so that Nepal's dependence on India for logistics is removed.
3) China wishes to enter in to nuclear co-operation with Bangladesh , on the same lines as with Pakistan . India's Left has sabotaged the very beneficial Nuke deal with U.S.A. , which would have ensured cheap atomic power for India and , world wide , lower crude prices. High crude prices are are a result of lack of atomic power in India.
Jago , Indians , JAGO
(If you have strong feelings agaist the conduct of a section of our leaders then please boycott Chinese made goods ),

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