June 21, 2008

Cheated NRI Bride Shows How To get Justice.

In an exemplary act of bravery and perseverence ,Dalbir Kaur of Mohali has shown the way to get justice against and punish fraudster NRI husbands who have no qualms about ruining the lives and dreams of young Punjabi brides.

Dalbir was married in 1993 to a California based NRI who used to periodically visit her in India and maintain a semblance of marital relations . But in 2000 ,unilaterally , the husband ,through his legal counsel, in Mohali , presented a hapless Dalbir Kaur with a Notice that she has been duly divorced in California.

But Dalbir Kaur , like a true daughter of Punjab , refused to take things lying down . Unimaginable to her truant " husband " she went to California for the first time and was able to prove that her husband had taken a divorce by misleading the courts by impersonation . The husband has been duly booked .

Dalbir Kaur has received A Green card . Her " EX-Husband " is pleading to her for compromise . Dalbir triumphantly declares that she would neither give divorce nor would she live with her " husband "

Here is a lesson for all those who treat Indian girls like dirt.

We salute this Punjab Di Sherni .

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