June 22, 2008

Jalandhar Mayor's Assurances on Domoria Pul & DAV Flyover

Rakesh Rathore , Mayor of Jalandhar ,announced that the much delayed Domoria Pul flyover would be completed by March 2009. Rathore informed that he has been able to prevail upon the Railway authorities to expedite the work super fast .

Similarly , Railways have also assured to complete the span over D.A.V. railway crossing in 6 months.

Such moves would bring great relief to Jalandhar's commuters and motorists.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

March,09 is long gone.
we are sitting in july ' 09
Your assurances on the over bridges being constructed in the city are rather outdated .
Cant India incorporated with its political scenario leave these public utilities improved with time?