June 18, 2008

In Monsoons Dilapidated Buildings Collapse-Amend Rent Laws Immediately

After heavy rains a house in Basti Guazan collapsed in Mid night , killing two occupants .

There are many such dipapdated buildings in Jalandhar both residential and commercial which pose a grave threat to not only their occupants but nearby persons also

One major cause for such dilapidated buildings existing is the archaic rent laws which are totally in favour of the tenants . These laws were formulated during World War Two and they have no relevance in to-day's times. Landlords can not increase rents nor evict tenants . So the landlord has no means to repair the building . Rent Laws should be amended at the earliest .

Then there are properties tied up in litigation which continues for years and , some times , for generations .If a property is dilapidated and under litigation , its hearing should be referred to a Fast Track Court and decided on an emergency basis.

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