June 06, 2008

Jalandhar To Be Made Pollution Free and Green

Jalandhar is very fortunate that it has been among the 9 cities selected in whole of India for a trial project to make Indian cities Green and Pollution Free. A sum of Rs. 36 crores would be disbursed by the Urban Deveolpment Ministry of Central Govt. for this purpose .

Mayor Rakesh Rathore has announced Local Bus Service and planting of more than 10,000 saplings as some of the measures to make Jalandhar Green and Pollution Free .

We request the Mayor to , also , consider the following measures of Local ( Sub-Urban ) Train Service and protection of Green pocket of trees at the , now , decommissioned Sewerage Disposal Site at Urban ERaste , Phase 2 ( Garha Disposal Centre ) :-


All big cities require an efficient public transport system , be it local trains , local buses or Metro . Jalandhar lacks a local bus network . There is some talk of a Metro system which would take a lot of money and time to complete . However , Jalandhar is singularly blessed with an existing web of railway lines , which can be , with a little innovation and political will , developed into a convenient and workable local train network.

Six railway lines namely , Amritsar , Ludhiana , Jammu , Hoshiarpur , Ferozepur and Nakodar , pass through Jalandhar. These railway lines cover important parts of Jalandhar. With the advent of DEMU and EMU trains , Suburban Halts ( like in Mumbai ) can be set up at convenient places to help commuters of Jalandhar .

Local trains can start from Kartarpur ( Amritsar Line ) , Suchi Pind ( Pathankot Line ) , Phagwara ( Ludhiana Line ), Bolina ( Hoshiarpur Line ) Urban Estate/ Garha (Nakodar Line ) and Kapurthala ( Ferozepur Line ) . They would all converge at Jalandhar City Railway Station , at local train dedicated platforms . From Jalanhar City Main Railway Station these trains can return to to their originating station ( like a shuttle service ) .

From Jalandhar City Railway Station , a commuter can switch local trains to complete his journey. Example , a student living in Urban Estate and studying in Lovely Technical University , Chehru , can first take the Nakodar line train to Jalandhar Station . From there he can change to the returning Phagwara Local train .

No substantial capital investment is required and the Jalandhar Local Train network can start operations with in months of approval .

To begin with ,on the Nakodar line ,trains should HALT at Urban Estate(Garha.) .The now, decommissioned Garha Sewerage Disposal Site can be developed as an excellent local railway station.


Sewerage Disposal Pumping Station at Urban Eastate , Phase- 2 ( Garha Disposal Station ) has been decommissioned . On its site is a heavenly pocket of very tall rees . These trees are virtual lungs of both phases of Urban Estate . Further , they are a unique roosting home to thousands of birds . These birds provide a magnificient sight in the evening, as is depicted in the photos given below .

We request the authorities not to allow the cutting of these magnificient cluster of trees .

By http://jalandharphotos.blogspot.com/2007/02/sewage-pumping-station-of-garha-urban.html

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