December 22, 2008

Avoid cruelty Against Fish , Crabs etc . in Restaurants

There have recent accounts in new papers of certain "fashionable and upmarket " restaurants in'Mumbai etc. which serve crabs and lobsters ( sea food ) . According to the reports ,when the customers order dishes of sea food ,first these live and writhing creatures are brought before them alive in tongs .Then these are prepared for food. This means these hapless creatures are kept alive , in utter agony , from the time they are netted right up to the time they are consumed for food in these restaurants.
We request both the restaurant owners consumers of sea food to avoid such practices of having their food ingredients brought alive to them before them in the dining rooms. Once , these creatures are caught by fishermen these are doomed . So, they should not be kept alive any further . They should be killed immediately and preserved by freezing etc.

Even in cities like Jalandhar one comes across pavement sellers marketing fish . Sometimes fish is kept semi alive in moistened gunny bags so that they remain "fresh ". Cruelty to any form of living creature giving us food should be kept to the minimum possible.
( The writer of this article is a non vegetarian )

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