December 30, 2008

Rampant Drug Abuse in Punjab-An Intoxicating Drug Peddler Arrested

According to S.H.O. Division No. 1, Jalandhar police apprehended, near Jyoti Chowk, a drug supplier along with 400 intoxicating banned drug capsules.

Drug abuse among youth in Punjab has assumed epidemic proportions.While , in rural areas ,it is mainly poppy husk ( Bhukki ) etc. in cities drug addicts are taking intoxicating and poisonous capsules . These are called in their parlance" badaam". Cough syrups like Corex called " chuppa" are , also ,consumed .Many unscrupulous chemists supply these banned products .

Governmental and N.G.O.s should put a strict vigil on drug abuse. Local residents should be encouraged to freely report , with guarantee of anonymity , those chemists who are acting as merchants of death

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