January 04, 2009

Dreams About Partition of India ( 1947)--Please Help Interpreting

Following is a very interesting account of dreams of Mr.Sheikh Sarwar , who was born in Basti Danishmandan ,Jalandhar and had to migrate to Lahore,Pakistan in 1947 at the tender age of 10 under very difficult circumstances.

Sarwar Sahib overcame all the difficulties and , is presently , employed in a senior position with a reputed institution in Chicago ( USA) .

He seeks guidance of dream interpreters to analyse the hidden or real meaning behind these dreams of 1947. Please guide.

Email address ; sheikhsarwar@gmail.com

Dreams /khawab

Can anyone give me some Ta’beer or tell me whether dreams are informing us in advance of something expected to happen in the future.

I put forward my few dreams of 1947 – the time of partition of India.

(1) I saw a naked body of a male person lying flat facing upward on the horizon covering most of the length between West and North. The width of the body was a few yards.

(2) I saw Sun appeared very close. Location was between East and South side.

(3) I saw several times slicing meat from live but skinless goat and from a fallen live cow.

(4) I saw six/seven huge trees being carried on bullock-carts and my father, during my dream, said “these trees can grow on the roof-tops also.

(5) On one side of a four feet high wall, our family (maternal) was sitting and talking and busy in cooking – dinner time. I was on the other side of this wall. I saw two framed signs, at a short distance, up above in the space, at about 45 deg. One written “Allah” and other “Muhammed”. The sign with Allah’s name flashed first, couple of time. then the one with name of “Muhammed” flashed couple of time; I was looking at those and they moved diagonal lowering towards me. But out of fear, I lowered down myself behind that four feet high wall.

(6) I used to see same mountain with roads running on it. (I took up employment at Mangla Dam in Pakistan and the first time I went up to see the Human Resource Manager, Major Douglas, I came across the same! Mountain and the road) ???

(7) I used to see another mountain with covered road on it and some openings like balconies towards the valley down there. I sat down in one of this places with my legs lowered and saw one tree /only one tree, in the middle of a large valley. These words, then clicked my brain; “this is the Ta’ha valley; where prophet Moses talked to the God.

(8) I often saw in dream some (about five) large size snakes each sitting in large half-bubble clear glass containers.

Sheikh Sarwar at sheikhmsarwar@gmail.com

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