January 04, 2009

Philosophy of Wish ( Khawhish )

Following is a very interesting analysis of philosophy behind a wish .It is from Mr. Sheikh Sarwar born in Jalandhar and, presently , settled in Chicago.

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Wish becomes ornamental, attractive and tries again and again to embrace us until she is successful. Then she will give us a joy ride and involve in its affairs so much that we forget and leave far behind our real obligations and duties without fulfilling those we are denied our rights. This playgirl can anytime slip from under and leave you alone. This is a process that works under the current, gives us opportunities to take a u-turn but we unknowingly ignore those cautions. Ultimately the sister-wishes engulf us in their theatrical performance and keep vanishing our footsteps if ever our subconscious reminds us to turn about. Please, please do not make blueprints of what your Wish will transform into Desire. Don’t go with it hand-in-hand. Be independent. Even if you are single, alone, no other family member, and God has blessed you with health and wealth; you can earn love and well-wishes by sharing these blessings with your community in helping them in various forms to come out of hardships; in health and welfare. You can share with them your knowledge; promote education and giving them suggestions to overcome their sufferings. God will always be with you.

Other day; I was watching, an urdu drama “Khawaja and Son” and picked up this message:
Dunia ke under jeo, na ke dunia tumarey under je-ay
Like a boat with you in it, sails in waters and you enjoy boating. What if your boat is filled with water!

Other day, someone was giving lecture on this same subject and quoted example of fish which is born in water, lives life long in water, enjoys and travels in water but it does not drink water; if she takes water, she will be unable to swim. So, stay in water (Duniya) but don’t let it penetrate in your body and soul.

Wish may surround you and become interactive that you may not find time to thank God who is your creator, provider of livelihood and this beautiful world. This may not even let you feel that you have been disobedient to God, your parents and the human beings.

Let’s recompose and try to pull out of this deep Wishes well.

Please correct me where I misunderstood the message.
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