April 02, 2009

Sant Seechewal Shows How to Manage Environment

Punjab, the land of five rivers is fast becoming " Be-Aab" meaning without water. To understand this environmental disaster we have only to travel along the GT Road or any other road in Punjab. We come across so many many road bridges under which there are no flowing rivers or streams. Many perpetual springs in the Shivalik hills which used to feed these streams have dried due to massive deforestation. .Many steams have become heavily polluted and poisoned due to release of untreated industrial effluents etc.

It is to save Punjab from becoming a desert, Sant Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal has initiated an Awareness March. Babaji has, also, taken promises from both Congress candidate, Mohinder Singh Kaypee and Akali/ BJP candidate Hans Raj Hans that they will address the issue of polluted rivers.

The Awareness March began from Gurudwara Jhanda Sahib, Village Nahla on the banks of the heavily polluted Kala Singhia Drain.It would be at Village Kot Khurd on 03-04-99, pass through Daana Mandi, Malsian and reach Gurudwara Mandi, Ludhiana on 06-04-09, Village Kamalke on 07-04-09 and conclude at Harike Pattan on 07-04-99.

During this Awareness March the plight of Kala Singhia drain, Chitti Bein, Budda Nullah and other streams would be highlighted.The neglect by industrial units and erring officials ,especially of Pollution Control dept. would be brought to the notice of the people and the Govt.

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