May 30, 2009

Book Jalandhar arsonists under NSA

The tragic incident of attack in a Gurudwara in Vienna ( Austria ) is most deplorable. The injury of Sant Baba Niranjan Dass , Gaddi Nashin Dera Sachkhand, Ballan ( Jalandhar ) and the death of a great saint ,Sant Baba Ramanand is being condemned in the strongest possible way. There should be a proper and quick police investigation by Austrian police and stringent judicial sentences awarded to the culprits. Assassination of a Saint is an action replay of assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

The intensity of backlash in Jalandhar took every body, including law enforcement agencies , by surprise. Private and public property worth more than Rs. 100 crore was destroyed in Jalandhar alone . ( Railway property valued over Rs. 50 crore damaged at Jalandhar Cantt.) Crucial railway signalling equipment was destroyed. Worse still , new communal and caste divides have been created. So, there are strong suspicions of a wider conspiracy , may be with inter-national ramifications, which certainly require a proper and thorough investigation by agencies like I. B.

It may be possible that among the arsonists there may have been " Agents Provocateurs " who deliberately wanted to create a communal disharmony. Every incident and every mobster / arsonist should be identified and made to face the process of law. It found proper, they should be booked under the National Security Act ( NSA ) and tried in a fast track court. This would ,also, act as a deterrent for any mob action / arson in future. No body is above law.

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