May 30, 2009

Recent Jalandhar Violence-Conspiracy Theory Possible ?

Intellectuals are analysing the forces behind the recent terrible and widespread violence that held the peaceful city of Jalandhar to ransom for at least threats.Public and private property worth more than Rs. 100 crore was destroyed in Jalandhar alone. Question being asked foremost is that whether the ensuing violence was preplanned ( under some sort of an international conspiracy ) or was it it merely spontaneous .

The supporters of conspiracy theory argue:-

That there may be some erstwhile separatists ( Khalistanis ) living underground in Austria and the attackers in Vienna may have come from such group of extremists. They may have acted independently or in co-ordination with other anti India elements ( both state or non- State actors ). After all the ensuing economic damage and communal disharmony created in Jalandhar and Punjab is more than what a massive suicide bombing could have resulted in. Surely, anti India agencies must be having a " thousand " smiles over Punjab violence.

How come the arsonists were able to act with such precision co-ordination that left the law enforcement agencies completely unprepared and baffled ?

How come " High Value " targets were so easily selected by the arsonists ?. Were the targets pre selected ?

Were all the mobsters / arsonists from a particular aggrieved communists ?

The so called " lumpens " should be properly identified and investigated by agencies like I.B.If found proper, these anti - nationals be booked under National Security Act ( NSA )

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