June 29, 2009

65 Year Old NRI Seeks Police Intervention Against His 26 Year Old " Wife "

A news item originating from Ludhiana was a hot topic of discussion in Jalandhar.

A 65 year old Non Resident Indian ( NRI ) is married to a girl young enough to be his grand child ( 26 years old ) . This is not unusual among NRIs who after making money abroad tend to behave like medieval sultans and maharajas. They feel free to go in multiple marriages regardless of age difference. They give enticements of " Visa " to the luckless girls' relatives , particularly brothers and uncles, who then pressurise the girl for the mis " match ".

This over aged NRI " husband " has , now , complained to SP ( Ludhiana ) that his life and property is in danger from his 26 year old " wife ".

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