June 30, 2009

Govt. Appeal to Paid Consumers of Electricity-Highly Debatable Logic

Govt. has issued an appeal cum warning to paid consumers of electricity regarding power cuts and shutting down of commercial activities in the evening. The explanation that has been extended is highly controversial and there needs to an open debate on it.

Electricity Diverted to Farmers in " National Interest "

Choking commercial / industrial activities by denying power is extremely harmful to the national interest . There is loss of production and services. Employment suffers . Many industrial units are engaged in exports and earn valuable foreign exchange.

Supply of free power for pumping precious underground water indiscriminately , has led to a steep decline in the water table. Even for procuring as basic a requirement as potable drinking water urban people have to provide for very deep bore wells. A time may come when the entire reservoir of under ground water may be exhausted .

Give Free Electricity To All

Govt. should treat all citizens equally. If electricity can be supplied free of cost to farmers , it should be supplied free of cost to all segments of the society and economy . Govt. should treat every body equally and fairly.

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