June 30, 2009

Grand Trunk Highway Loot- Rs 76 Road Toll Tax for Small Cars at GT Road Phillaur ( Jalandhar )

Today the entire nation feels proud at the inauguration of the Worli- Bandra Sea Link. It is a great tribute to Indian engineering. We are proud of Hindustan Construction Company Limited ( HCC ) which has build this engineering marvel.

Rs. 1650 crore have been spent on this sea link. But the Toll Tax payable for cars crossing this bridge is merely Rs. 50 /- Compare this to a massive Rs. 76 /- being extracted by Toll Bridge at GT Road , Phillaur near Jalandhar. There appears to be no visible investment being done by the authorities collecting this amount.

If we take the ratio of investment :toll tax of Mumbai sea link then the Toll Tax at Phillaur should not exceed Rs 10 /- . Further the odd figure results in forcible collection of the balance up to the nearest higher multiple of Rs. 10 ( in this case total Rs 80 /- ) on grounds of no change .

Nearly all the payers are small car owners. Bigger Utility vehicles and those in expensive cars act tough or start their hooters etc. Such vehicles are allowed to pass without any payment via a special lane.

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