July 02, 2009

" Jazia " Hiked on Paid Consumers of Electricity in Punjab

Punjab Government has played a cruel joke with paid consumers of electricity. When the monsoons were delayed there were approximately 10 hour cut ( in Jalandhar and around )on paid consumers. Commercial establishments , factories ( including those earning valuable foreign exchange ) were denied power . This was diverted to free consumers .

Now, instead of offering relief to those whole sweat, literally , irrigated the paddy fields this season , Punjab Government has increased the charges for the paid consumers of electricity.

When Government can provide free electricity to any one segment , out of tax payers' money , it can , also, provide free electricity to the remaining sections of society.

Discrimination and double standards on any ground including occupation / profession is violative of our Fundamental Right of Equality. If the Govt. pays no heed then legal recourse should be taken against this " Jazia " on urban consumers of electricity.

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