September 07, 2009

Former Punjab CM HS Brar Passes Away- Holiday Observed

Former Punjab Chief Minister Harcharan Singh Brar passed way .Every body in Jalandhar and else where condoles his death .

Whereas we do appreciate Punjab Government's symbolic gestures of mourning like flying National flag at half mast. But declaring a public holiday ( Monday 07-09-09 ) serves no purpose at all. As things are , Punjab Government works for only 5 days in a week with numerous holidays and half holidays. In the present case the last Govt. working day was Friday ( 04-09-09 ). The next working day would be Tuesday ( 08-09-09 ). Do our political leaders ever give a thought to how much inconvenience these holidays cause to the ordinary Non VIP public which may have any important work with a Govt Department ?

With the Sixth Pay Commission the cost of bureaucracy has gone up heavily. With so many holidays the Govt. requires more officials to do the same amount of work. For all this the common man pays by way of more taxes.

Being part of the Govt. does not mean no accountability for tax payers' money.

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