September 06, 2009

75 Year Old NRI Takes a Second 25 Year Bride

A hot topic of discussion in Jalandhar was a news item regarding a Non Resident Indian ( NRI ) of Ludhiana marrying, for the second time , a 25 year old girl. The NRI " husband " has two married and one unmarried daughters from his first marriage solemnised 37 years ago. A police complaint has been lodged in the local NRI cell by NRI's first wife.

Usually , NRIs do not care about marriage laws and take on multiple wives with impunity. When questioned they come up with the plea that Indian laws like HMA do not apply to them. Such NRIs argue that multiple marriages are allowed in the country of their settlement. The Indian bride and her relatives get too confused to see through the bluff and soon accept their " destiny " .

However this NRI was not so brazen. He went to Punjab's predominant Muslim town of Malerkotla and got converted to "legitimise " his second " marriage

( According to a legal expert of Jalandhar there are clear Supreme Court rulings against those who convert merely to engage in multiple marriages. Many Islamic nations have banned polygamy .He advocated the urgent need for a uniform Marriage Law )

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