September 09, 2009

Paid Consumers in Punjab Talk of Collective Non Payment of Electricity Bills

Electricity rates are being increased in Punjab that too with retrospective effect .Free consumers of electricity are being left untouched.

This autocratic move is Punjab Government's " reward " to paid urban consumers of electricity for the massive cuts which were thrust up on them during the recent sweltering summer months. Electricity supply was , then , diverted to FREE rural agriculturist consumers including big landlords.

But it seems that this time paid consumers are in no mood to submissively accept Government policies based on blatant discrimination and selective favouritism .

Paid consumers of electricity are asking for , inter alia , :-

- Immediate removal of octroi being charged on urban consumers.

- Re look in to the entire logic of granting subsidies a selective groups of free consumers which include some of the wealthiest land owners of Punjab.

- Stoppage of Power Theft and Corruption

The paid consumers are talking about resorting to Gandhian methods of protest. They would collectively stop payment of electricity bills.

This may be 21 st century Punjab's " BIJLI SATYAGRAHA "

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