September 05, 2009

Paid Consumers of Electricity in Punjab- Deeply Upset Over Likely Rate Hike

Presently , Punjab is divided in to two. Paid consumers and Free consumers of electricity. For the last 6 months paid consumers were subjected to massive power cuts , mainly during the sweltering heat.Electricity at that time was diverted to free rural agriculturist consumers . Urban trade and industry was , thus , crippled.

There was a genuine and absolutely logical demand that all sections of society ,whether urban or rural and supporters of every political party should be treated equally and given free power. After all if Government can give free electricity to some it can give free electricity to every one.

Now, instead of rewarding the paid consumers for their perseverance and sacrifice , Punjab Government is set to play a cruel joke on paid consumers of electricity .What to talk of even lowering electricity rates , it was reported in today's newspapers that to meet the cost of subsidising free consumers of electricity ( which includes big landlords ) ,Punjab Government is all set to increase power rates of paid consumers. This hike would be effective retrospectively. Free consumers would remain untouched .

It seems this is the last straw on the camel' s back .It is worse the "JAZIA " imposed by Taliban.

Every Punjabi's money is hard earned. Every Punjabi has a right to be treated equally.

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