November 23, 2009

Paid Consumers of Electricity in Punjab- Taken For a Ride

Punjab Government has played a cruel joke with urban paid consumers of electricity . It continues to issue bills at inflated rates. Furthermore , these paid consumers are being charged hiked rates from a retrospective date. These " arrears " are being , also, billed along with hiked rates bills. Punjab Govt.had , earlier , assured that it would roll back the hikes .

This worst sort of discrimination . It is 21 st century's " JAZIA " where on the one hand ,electricity is being supplied free of cost to agriculturists , many of whom own land worth hundreds of crores. On the other hand , an urban modest shopkeeper is being made to pay a penal " COMMERCIAL " rate for his "crime" of earning his livelihood.

Paid urban consumers are planning mass action like sugar cane farmers . They may adopt the Gandhian way of protest by boycotting, en mass, payment of inflated electricity bills

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