December 31, 2009

Late Ashok Kumar Malhotra- "Dhirubhai" of Jalandhar

Ashok Kumar Malhotra , Chairman and Managing Director of Jalandhar based  MBD group passed away on 30-12-09 . Cremation is taking place on 31-12-09 in New Delhi.

At the time of independence the group had a modest book store " Malhotra Book Depot " at Mai Hiran Gate, Jalandhar.

Under the dynamic entrepreneurship of Ashok Kumar Malhotra , the Group became an all India level player in Educational Publishing , Real Estate , Hotels and much more.

Many of Jalandhar's landmark properties  like Odeon Cinema ( Mai Hiran Gate ) Hari Talkies etc were acquired by the Group. A grand Hotel / Mall project, near Kesar Petrol Pump is under development by the group in Jalandhar.

Ashok Kumar had been one of  Jalandhar's  most successful businessmen .

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This city looks really beautiful. I have never been to India and actually I have never considered visiting this country but I may rethink my decision after reading this post. Visiting India can be fun I guess. Thanks for posting.

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He was a great man and really successful businessman in Jalandhar. That was a huge loss for all of us. Thank you for posting.

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