December 06, 2009

Punjab Bandh Call For Monday- Police Should Take Full Protective Measures

Yesterday, ( 05-12-09 ) there was tension in Ludhiana and curfew was imposed in Ludhiana.

A " Bandh Call " has been given for Monday (07-12-09 ) for Punjab ( including Jalandhar ).

Now, there is adequate time for the administration / police to make adequate preparations.

In the recent group protests , in Jalandhar and around, a disturbing tendency of the protesters has been to indulge in violence and arson on the main highways and extensive damage to trains and railway property.

Govt. should show zero tolerance towards such arsonists. Video tapes should be prepared and culprits should be prosecuted as per the law.

It is administration's basic duty to ensure safety of ordinary people and their vehicles on the roads.

Paramilitary and reserves should be positioned and army put on alert.

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