December 12, 2009

Traffic Problems in Jalandhar- Expedite Construction of Khalsa College Flyover

With the closure of Railway Crossing ( Phatak ) and diversion of traffic by Ladowali Road, motorists in Jalandhar are facing enormous difficulty.

For a couple of days Jalandhar Cantt- Hoshairpaur Road ( Rama Mandi Chowk ) would be under going repair work.

The Railway Over bridge construction  near Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar should be completed on a urgent basis.

Motorists feel when they are paying through their noses very heavy toll taxes ( Rs.82 for a single passing at Sutlej Bridge at Phillaur ) why are road projects being delayed.

They are demanding that the detailed accounts  of collection at Toll Plazas ( especially at Phillaur be made public) so that they can be assured that their hard earned money is being used properly.

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