January 03, 2010

Govt. Not Honouring Promise of Roll Back of Electricity Rates For Punjab's Paid Consumers

The paid urban consumers of electricity in Punjab are a devastated lot. Earlier they were being denied electricity during day time. Now , they are not being spared at nights , also. They do not know when to recharge their mobiles what to talk about operating their computers.

This is despite the fact that paid urban consumers in Punjab are being made to pay for the electricity consumed by  FREE consumers , including rural landlords.

The extent of injustice and discrimination is evident from the fact that some of the landlords being given free electricity have land holding worth hundreds of crores.Whereas an humble urban shopkeeper is being billed up to Rs. 6 per unit at what is termed as " COMMERCIAL " rate. It appears that it is a crime in Punjab to do business to earn even an humble livelihood.

It is most regrettable that a Government in independent India undertakes such a brazenly discriminatory state policy. 

Some time back Punjab Govt. had given a solemn assurance that the hike in electricity rates would be rolled back.But no implementation of this promise. Paid urban consumers continue to receive inflated bills . To add to their woes octroi is , also , charged on urban consumers.

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