February 05, 2010

Petrol Price Hike in Punjab- Urban Punjabis Discontented

Petrol prices have been hiked in Punjab. But the hike in petrol prices is nearly  4 times the rise in diesel prices. Urban Punjabis are very discontented at the brazen anti urban polices of the Government.With the recent price hike in essential commodities especially food items , Govt. instead of providing relief to Urban Punjabis has chosen to impose crippling new fiscal burdens on them.

Paid Urban Consumers Get Inflated Electricity Bills ( WITH OCTROI ).

Octroi contiues in Jalandhar Cantt.

Crippling Toll Tax on Highways ( Same for small cars like Maruti 800 / Nano and very expensive SUVs ).

Hike  in Stamp Duty for legal documents

Over regulation and over control in areas like Transport sector ( Very Bad treatment of truck operators on roads ). Called " MALAI DAAR " postings . WHY ?

Too many Non Working Days For Bureaucracy

Hooters and Siren Blowing VIP Vehicles - Cause Traffic Hazards

'VIP Culture "dividing people in to VIPs and Non VIPs should end in FREE INDIA


Anonymous said...

the might is right is being done in all over d india. also in jalandhar. common man has no right. if someone is able to feed his/her family, government is trying hard to snatch one part of it without providing any facility. shame on such governance.

Anonymous said...

We should work for fresh elections and ELECT only the right people

The tenures of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha should be reduced from 5 years to 3 years to make the elected representatives more accountable to the ordinary Non Indian public.

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal said...

Please read as "Non VIP Indian Public" in the previous Comment,