February 08, 2010

Utsav Sharma Compared with S. Bhagat Singh

Jalandhar citizens are discussing animatedly the attack in the Chandigarh court premises by Ahmedabad based Utsav Sharma on the convicted molester  IPS officer, SPS Rathore.

While we do not condone any body taking law in  his own hands, this incident is indicative of common Non VIP Indians' frustration at the way the rich and the famous are able to get away lightly.

Justice delayed should not , now , become Justice by People .Government should realise the gravity of the situation and devise  ways to expedite the process of law. Every body  should be treated equally before the law enforcing agencies. The cult of " VIP TREATMENT "  for a select few has no place in FREE INDIA

( The fact is every common man is praising Utsav. This is a very serious prognosis )

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