May 06, 2010

Greece Crisis- Worries Jalandhar With Many Immigrants From Here

Jalndhar ( Doaba ) has the maximum number of Non Resident Indians ( NRI ) working abroad. Many white collared workers and business men are in English speaking countries like UK , Canada , Australia etc. Many masons and construction are in Middle East countries like UAE ( Dubai ).

But there are many working in Non English speaking countries like Greece. One reason is that it was easier for Immigration Agents to send workers to Greece as formalities  required were minimal .

Earlier there was a crisis in Dubai which has eased somewhat with Crude Oil prices sharply rebounding.

Now , Greece's economy is in great trouble. Families in Jalandhar  of NRI in Greece are a worried lot these days, Indian Government should keep Indian immigrants working in Greece under observation . Full assistance should be rendered to Indians abroad in case they face any difficulty.

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