May 07, 2010

Kasab Verdict - Jalandhar Citizens Want " Real" Masterminds Punished

Azmal Kasab has received , predictably , Death Sentence. But the real masterminds are still free.

Jalandhar citizens are more interested in seeing these planners and handlers  rather than Azmal Kasab being punished To use a term from Mario Puzo 's " Godfather " Kasab was a mere  'button man ". India should prevail upon Pakistan to bring the real perpetrators of 26 /11 to justice.

Failing which India should explore all other options ( a la Israel ) .

( The masterminds would be delighted that the only living culprit is executed by India . Kept alive , Kasab can identify the real terrorists and testify against them . A living Kasab would be a " kabab mein haddi " for his handlers  )

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