May 17, 2010

Greece- Euro Crisis - Jalandhar Share Investors Adopt Wait And Watch Policy

This is probably the second invasion ( first was under Alexander ) of India by Greece. Indian share markets are feeling the heat of  Govt.debt crisis in Greece and the consequent battering of " Euro " currency. Share investors in Jalandhar are hoping that things would stabilize sooner than later. After all reputation of top European Governments is at stake.

Shares investors should avoid short term investments and try to be only  long term investors.

A fundamentally strong share , for long term basis , which may be studied by investors is ICI Limited ( now AKZO NOBEL ) manufacturers of " Dulux " paints.

( Regarding the " Euro " currency one is reminded of a scene from Daniel Craig starring James Bond 's " Quatum of Solace " . In one scene ,the Bolivian dictator says that now the  American Dollar is not what it used to be . So his  share of bribe should be in Euro currency .

Well This Was Before the Greek Crisis )

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