June 01, 2010

Special Traffic Lok Adalat ( Pre Lok Adalat ) Jalandhar Settles 1067 Challans

Normally Lok Adalats in Jalandhar are held on quarterly basis. However special Lok Adalats ( Pre Lok Adalats ) are held , in between the quarterly Lok Adalat. A special Pre Lok Adalat ( dedicated to Traffic Challans ) was held in Jalandhar in which 1067 Challans were settled and around Rs. 2 lakh 50,000 collected. The " Awards " of all Lok Adalats , including any type of pre Lok Adalat are final and can only be challenged in very rare cases that too only in the High Court.

The normal routine Quaterly Lok Adalat in Jalandhar is scheduled for 07-08-2010

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