August 30, 2010

Kashmir : An Issue Only Between India And Pakistan

Jalandhar thinkers are of the view that India and Pakistan are the only two parties in the Kashmir dispute ( as unfinished Agenda of the Partition of 1947 ) and both countries should resolve it among themselves at the earliest.

China has absolutely no locus standii  in the Kashmr dispute. China's dictators are  merely being opportunistic exploiting India 's and Pakistan 's differences . China stabbed India in the back and annexed Aksai Chin in 1962 China has not spared even Pakistan . Apart from annexing parts of Pakistan Kashmir China has defacto taken control of Gilgit etc. under the garb of building a Iran China gas pipeline.

India and Pakistan must resolve Kashmir and  must jointly show the Chinese the way out in Kashmir and Western powers the way out in Afghanistan..

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